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    Halloween Horror Events

& Haunted Houses at its finest   

For years, Infectious Halloween has hosted Halloween horror events in the heart of the Gold Coast, Australia. We LOVE entertaining you and taking the scare factor to the next level year on year. We look forward to hosting you in an up and coming haunted events. Check out our past 2015, 2018, 2019, 2021 & 2023 events below. If you want to be involved in our haunted house or like to submit an enquiry as to how we can horrify your occasion, please contact us as we are dying to hear from you.

Infectious Halloween 2015
Infectious Halloween 2018
Infectious Halloween 2019

Infectious Halloween launched in 2015. This event was designed to showcase modern Halloween celebrations such as a costume contest and prize give-away' s among a fully themed setting. Every aspect of the venue was completely transformed and to theme including the drinks!

The event offered a MC, raffles, live DJ, and haunted house themed entry way, bar and $1000 costume contest based off a quarantine horror story.

Infectious Halloween rose from dead and featured as an over 18+ after dark Halloween horror event in association with Surfers Paradise Fest-evil.

Launched in 2018 Surfers Paradise Fest-evil was a 3 day Halloween event as a part of Surfers Paradise Alliance annual calendar of events.

This 2 day event featured, themed drinks and staff, give-aways, FXs, wall to wall themes, an array of DJs plus VIP opening. 

Following on from the success of 2018, Infectious Halloween again positioned itself in alignment with the after dark horror component of Surfers Paradise Fest-evil over 3 days.

Infectious Halloween produced a event teaser on Friday the 13th. The main event then showcased live DJs, prize give-aways and featured a walk through haunted house attraction.  This immersive event was all among the theme of an infectious outbreak setting.

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2015 Infectious ad.JPG
Fest-Evil_2018_Event_Program_Infectious_Halloween 2018
Blank Magazine Media Coverage Infectious Halloween 2018
The Weekend Edition coverage Infectious Halloween 2019
Hello GC media coverage Infectious Halloween 2019
Infectious Halloween Master Art 2015
Infectious Halloween Friday 13 event 2019

Cavill Lane Surfers Paradise held its debut of the Haunted Halloween weekend nights event – The Haunted Passage. This event was held over three weekends on the 15, 16, 22, 23, 29 - 31 of October from 5-9pm with decor in place from Oct 1 which included three life size photo opportunities in 2021.

The atmospheric showcase was designed as a immersive style Halloween event influenced by horror films and haunted attractions. The theatrical style decor, lighting and audio was planned and installed throughout the 2000sqm laneway with two themed stalls to add to the photo opportunities and the atmosphere. The event concept was based on festival style events such as  Halloween Horror nights & Fright Nights . These Haunted Halloween nights featured a 70m haunt maze, escape room, two life-size puzzle cages, costume shop, horror art gallery, two make-up artists, carnival games and virtual reality among five roving scare performers, two fire performers and four scare actors within the haunt maze. The Haunt Maze saw over 2,000 people through in seven days.

In addition to the above we attained complementary partnerships with Gold Coast Tafe photography students, Queensland School of Television & Film students and a roving thriller dance performance by KOTB. Furthermore we hosted 17 volunteers that assisted with the building of the event.

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2021 the haunted passage  

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2023 the haunted passage - Entrapment 

Annotation 2024-01-31 173451.jpg
Screenshot 2023-11-06 082125.png

Cavill Lane Surfers Paradise held its second Haunted Halloween nights event – The Haunted Passage Entrapment. This event was held over four night on the 27-29 & 31 of October from 6-9pm with décor in place from Friday 13 Oct which included  life size photo opportunities, and spooky displays among a Friday the 13th event teaser with mini scare zone. This event saw it's largest crowd to date with a 30 meter line up to the Haunted Maze. 

The atmospheric showcase was similar to The Haunted Passage in 2021 with the immersive event concept based on festival style events such as  Halloween Horror nights & Fright Nights . These Haunted Halloween nights featured a 80m haunt maze, 12 scare actors and skilled talent to add to the atmosphere and experience. The Haunted Maze saw over 1,000 people in 4 days.

In addition to the above we attained partnerships with Your Mates Brewery and Gold Coast Wreckers in addition to cross promotions with Sony in their horror movie ticket give-away for the horror movie Thanksgiving. 

Screenshot 2023-12-04 132333.png

Horror Themes & scene settings 

Surfers Paradise Fest-Evil parade truck themed by Infectious Halloween 
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